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•DOMAIN NAME - your "address" on the Internet, what people type into their browser to find you. You choose a word or phrase (e.g. JanesBagels) and an extension (e.g. .com, .net, .biz). Your domain name would be "JanesBagels.com"

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•E-MAIL - electronic mail, where your address is linked to your domain name, so instead of being Jane@yahoo.com you're Jane@JanesBagels.com

•ONLINE SALES CAPABILITY - also called E-commerce, this allows you to sell products or services on your Web site; online shopping carts, secure site certification and credit card processing are three examples.

•ONLINE MARKETING - a way to drive people to your site; common online marketing channels are search engines, online Yellow pages, targeted banner ads and e-mail marketing.

•ONLINE SECURITY- SSL Certificates let visitors know that it is safe to input credit card information or other sensitive data on your site, because the data is encrypted.

•WEBSITE TOOLS & UTILITIES - things you can add to your Web site, like more message boards and online surveys, along with programs that help you monitor how visitors are using your Web site.

•WEB HOSTING - the physical place your website resides; includes the computer (called a server) as well as the connection to the Internet and the technology that makes your website "work. Websites tend to use a great deal of space on the server (Bytes), that is why there is a fee associated with hosting. Hosting fees can be compared to paying rent for ample accomodations. Most people do not have appropriate space on their servers that is why they use a vendor who will host their website as well as provide periodic backup services.
WEBSITE DESIGN- the look and feel of your Web site, including colors, text and graphics, as well as the way it functions. You can have a design professional build your website or you can build it yourself,
•WEBSITE MAINTENANCE- In order to keep the information on your website current, you will need to maintain your website on a periodic basis. You can use a professional (Webmaster) to do this for you or you can do it yourself.
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